What A Trip! Heyme festival, ready for departure?

“What A Trip! Heyme Festival”, the International Festival of Travel and Adventure Film of Montpellier brings together for the 28th edition of its afterwork, all travel enthusiasts.

Montpellier,the sun, the sea, a pleasant city… it must be said that the attractions are numerous. But what makes the strengths of the city, in addition to its vitality, is above all its wild hinterland for nature lovers.

The After-work of What A Trip! Heyme festival has decided to take advantage of the dynamism of this city rich in ideas for exit. The aim of this evening is to allow the entire community of Occitanie travellers to meet and meet at a unique and friendly event.


This festival was created in 2016 by the association AFIVAM (TheAssociation for the International Festival of Travel and Adventure). It is above all the story of enthusiasts, who decided to share and live their passion for travel, adventure, discovery and human relations. From a team of 10 founders, the association AFIVAM has been structured and has surrounded itself with a team of over-motivated volunteers. This association, as part of its pedagogical activities, has been declared of general interest.

This Friday, the team of the association organizes, again, an after-work under the sign of travel and the environment.

In detail, the evening will start at 7pm at the Block Out’ in Montpellier,an unusual place. Block Out’ is a franchise found all over France. It offers an innovative concept: a climbing centre and a restaurant in the same space. A logical place for this after-work, which is out of the ordinary and which advocates open-mindedness.

Admission to the festival is free,a sticker showing your travels or future destinations will be issued. The goal is to allow all participants to get to know each other better in order to exchange good plans, and anecdotes.

It will be possible to participate in several workshops during this evening: a conference hosted by Ocean Protection France on “the sea and the oceans to the test of plastic”. This conference will be an opportunity to interact with several volunteers. The testimonies, but also the many exchanges between travelers will punctuate this afterwork.

Ocean Protection is an environmental association dedicated to the protection of the sea and oceans, located in Palavas-Les-Flots in the south of France, Ocean Protection brings together committed and volunteer people, inhabitants of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, wishing to take active action in the fight against the plasticization of the seas and oceans. Their mission: to think about what we will leave to future generations. The association highlights the protection of the planet and the change in our behaviour.

This original evening will also offer you the must-see Happy-Hour, on the menu: plates of deli meats, cheese, as well as several aperitif drinks, around an exhibition of collaborative photos. For the more adventurous, it will also be possible to try climbing, the Block Out’ team will be present to supervise this discipline.

Photo credits: https://watmontpellier.fr/ledition-2019/

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