Visit the world’s most beautiful cenotes

You like to see beautiful things that nature to offer us, and what has it shaped most beautiful? On your travels if they have a goal of discovery (sometimes there are trips you like to make to relax only, because yes there is no harm in sunbathing all day at the beach), I advise you to see cenotes.

What is a cenote?

Cenotes come from the Mayan word Dz’onot which means “sacred well”. Cenotes are water-filled chasms, they come from the collapse of the ground that naturally dug a well in the rock. They are filled with fresh water seawater in the bottom of the cenote that comes from the ocean. It is a phenomenon that is similar to blue holes, which is formed by the collapse of the crust of the earth’s cavity. Cenotes are very present in Central America.

Or see cenotes?

There are cenotes all over the world, but cenote formation is highly concentrated Central America, Latin America and North America. It’s not only Mexico that we find the largest and deepest cenotes. As the cenote of Yucatan and the Zacaton cenote. In fact, the Zacaton cenote is the deepest cenote discovered today. A robot measured its depth at 318 meters.

The most beautiful cenotes

Do you want to see the most beautiful cenotes? As you may have read above in the article at first it will have to move in Central America and more specifically in the Mexico.

The Xkeken Cenote

cenote xkeken adventure

Xkeken’s cenote is located in the Yucatan Mexico about ten kilometres from Valladolid you can get there by car in less than 10 minutes or a hike is quite possible knowing the final reward.

Samula’s cenote

cenote samula Mexico

Samula’s cenote is very close to that of Xkeken that is why it is put on this list. Both cenotes are Separated only a hundred metres less than a 5-minute walk. Samula’s cenote is different from his “brother”, it is a single and huge cavern.

The Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos

The Cenote Dos Ojos is one of the most beautiful cenote, located on the east coast of Mexico, it is also one of the most popular because its location close to the sea makes it a very tourist destination. You can swim and especially dive into the Cenote Dos Ojos, plus a large number of activities are directly related to this cenote.

Ik Kil’s cenote

Ik Kil is a cenote where the swimming is possible, more located near Pisté it is more inland than the Cenote Dos Ojos and therefore it will necessarily be less frequented. Don’t expect to see it either and have it just for you and a little swim in love.

Chichen Itza’s cenote

Chichen Itza’s cenote is located in northern Yucatan. So that’s not what’s nicest cenote you’re going to see. However this site is steeped in history, especially during the Maya area. A good guide, will explain in detail what sacred wells meant to this people and the rituals that surround them.

One of the most beautiful photos of cenote

Photo: Quwaaan on Flickr

Just as blue holes, The Northern Lights, and others natural phenomena, whether geological or meteorological,, cenotes are part of things to see if you like to travel. Have you ever seen cenotes? Is this on your schedule for the next trip?

If you have any cenotes photos to share with us, it is with pleasure that we will broadcast them.

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